Welcome to the Art of Mary Ellen Gerster

Welcome to my website!  I’m Mary Ellen Gerster and I love to share in my life experiences through my watercolour art.

I have been a professional artist since 1980, teaching and displaying works both in individual showings and (in concert) with others including many juried shows.  I have taught courses for various educational bodies (locally, nationally & internationally) and operated a home-based studio for many years.

Painting originally in acrylics and then oils, I have become proficient at painting realism in watercolour.  I love to immerse the viewer in my bright and glowing watercolour paintings through the layering of transparent colour. Taking my inspiration from photographs I’ve taken, I strive to create near photographic realism in my still life, fruit, flowers and waterscapes.

Achieving a high degree of realism requires an accurate drawing with a high degree of detail.  Using transparent watercolours to create precise, sharp-focused paintings, I embrace the transparency of my medium.  Transparent watercolours and the laying of colours creates beautiful, subtle variations in tone, vibrancy and depth.

My education is continual, as I never stop learning the intricacies of painting in watercolour.

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